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" On The Way Home " album by The Mumford Music Experience:

The Mumford Music Experience is the new Folk Rock Band formed around the german soundtrack composer & songwriter Alexander Ehm. For this Band, he recruted talented musicans and artists all over the world. And with the singer Medyoneful, he found the voice, that make the songs unique and special.

As the name of the band already suggests, the sound reminds a little of the popular Folk Band Mumford & Sons but without ever being a cheap plagiatism. The happy and original Lyrics, combined with a new and fresh Folk Rock Sound, is the receipt for this new music experience.

The Debut Album " On the Way Home " contains 11 Songs and will be released in stores worldwide on 20.06.2017.


Praise the Lord album by Alexander Ehm:

After a couple of celtic music albums with his side project " EHM ", and the digital release of the " World Trade Center " soundtrack, Alexander Ehm returns with a new release:
The contemporary christian music album " Praise the Lord ".
Like the other albums before, it is mainly an instrumental album, except two songs. For these two songs, the female canadian singer, Jennifer Pederson, joined the production to lend her voice and make these songs a very special spiritual experience for the listener.  According to her outstanding performance, it is no wonder, that one of the two songs, " Oh, my Lord and Savior ", become the first single release for the album.
With 14 Tracks, there is plenty here to listen to, and if you want some peaceful, dreamy and mellow christian music,... this album is for you.

Roads Album by EHM :

" Let´s do something different ", said Yanni to Alexander Ehm.

" What did you mean? ",he asked and turned his head to him. Yanni looked to the ground and after a few secons he answers, " Now, we have done two celtic pop albums. I think it is time to move on...for a new musical experience ".

Alex was thinking for a moment. Then he said " You´re right. We WILL do something different on the third album."

Said and done.

After a few weeks, he came up with his work,...the notes for fourteen new tunes.

Another few weeks later, after spending many hours in recording with the guys, after days of sadness and after many days of fun, the work was done.

The result is " Roads ", a high concept album, a mixture between elements of Country and Bluegrass, traditional south american music and sixties surf sound, that has never ever done before. The sound of electric guitar, steel guitar, Banjo, Flute, Oboe, Orchestra Strings and Percussions, is absolutely unic and give the listener the feelings and the personal freedom, to be " on the road ".

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